February 14, the day of love and the occasion for millions of couples to declare their feelings to each other. Restaurant, flowers, hotel or champagne, any way is good to become romantic for a day or an evening. For some companies, it is also one of the most important times of the year to boost its turnover. Valentine’s Day is a celebration of love, but also a marketing operation for many of them.

Valentine’s Day origins date back to the 14th century in Britain. At the time people thought that birds were mating on February 14, so the symbolism of love was obvious. Nowadays, Valentine’s Day, as any other celebrations, represents a great moment for companies to increase their sales and it is even more important in the United States.

Every city in the US celebrates Valentine’s day by displaying special decorations in the colours of love. This is also an opportunity for companies to change their packaging while restaurants and florists offer very specific menus and delivery options.

Some estimates for Valentine’s Day 2020 have already been made by the National Retail Federation. Americans will live in an atmosphere of love and consumption, high consumption even because according to these estimates they will spend 16.7 billion dollars in total including 4.7 billion spent on jewels. 144 million greeting cards will also be exchanged on that date.

Love is the symbol celebrated on Valentine’s Day. But in recent years, it has also been symbolized by this deluge of consumption to such an extent that it can be considered as a « commercial » event by many people around the world ( and the figures are far from being contradictory ). Valentine’s Day, a date celebrating the love of a couple, of course, but also the love of the economy.

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Valentin Colas