Cross-country skiers Camille Pépin, Frédérique Vézina with Quebec AM host Susan Campbell.

Twenty-year-old Camille Pépin and 18-year-old Frédérique Vézina have been skiing for as long as they can remember. As competitive athletes, they hope one day to be Olympic cross-country skiers.

For a second year in a row, the two have spearheaded a special project called the Kujjuuaq Cross-Country Ski Club. Last year they raised $60 000 to pay for equipment, plane tickets and for a coach to live in Kuujjuaq from January to April. The goal is to show 15 girls and young women in the community how to wax their skis, groom trails and make it past the finish line.

You can follow their progress on their blogs, or on twitter @frederiquevez.

Listen back to Susan’s conversation with Pépin and Vézina, along with coach Catherine Dumont-Poirier and 12-year-old skier Qullik Tukkiapik in Kuujjuaq.

Credits: | Quebec AM | Cross-country skiing in Nunavik.