We’re Saturday morning, I slept around a hour no more. But it’s time to go. We still don’t know where we’re going. Arjen say that we’re not going to St Barth but that we’ll probably stop
Before Grenada. Maybe in one island of the Grenadines. I’m hoping for some surprises. We prepare the boat and leave Antigua around noon. I’m off for the 6 first hours. I go straight to sleep.
Someone wake me up at 8pm it’s my turn to be on watch. The night is dark. No moon. The sky is full of stars, there’s almost no place. A million stars is above us. We can see Guadeloupe on port side. I little thought for France. I still don’t miss you darling.
The next day is quiet. It’s Sunday so no maintenance on board. I decide to start a new book. After few minutes I decide to read some novels from Jack Kerouac. About his trip in Europe and Americans Hobo. Not as good as John Fante but can’t say that it’s not amazing too.
The night is coming. We have to make bread for the next day. As a good French man I decide to take the job. Ullie and Henk joins me. After a hard work we’re done. We are singing, mostly Jacques Brel and some Dutch songs on deck. The sky is still full of stars. We can see Mars and Jupiter.
In the morning, everybody agrees to say that’s the best bred they had since they’re on the boat. Call it French Touch.
We are know next to Grenada, perfect time to swim with Dolphins. 5 beautiful Dolphins around us, and all full of grace. We take the boat straight to the marina. We’re not on St Barth or in the Grenadines, but it’s nice anyway.