I tried my best to wrote my post in English, so please forgive me if my formulation isn’t appropriated or if it’s full of mistakes. Thank you. 

 » Love is… « , complete by yourself. It would seem that, this times, each has his own definition about what is love, the way to articulate it, what can we do or not do. What is it really about? To be honest, I feel lost in the borders of an abstract universe. I do not understand love anymore. For some people, the reality and what we see in movies are so close, that it seems to be the standard. For others, this reality is in a million light years of theirs. Nevertheless, all agree to say that love is there, all around us. Is it a cultural phenomenon? For some cultures, the definition of love joined the simple fact of wanting to reproduce with another individual, to find him attractive or more simply, to find his company pleasant… A Biological phenomenon? Love would be only a human invention to answer the unwavering attraction, which would be stimulated by  human’s body chemical components, secreting a particular smell. I don’t know anymore. Marks aren’t where we believe they was… Do two complete opposite people can really complement each other? Relative, you’ll think… Then, we touch exactly the point of my confusion: love is relative, it depends on everyone, according to his soul and mind… So why build some love standards then? In love, a man should behave in that way and a woman behave like this. But perhaps, all theories are true and false at the same time. The most important thing would be to find the most compatible person with whom, we’ll establish our own standards.

What if …