My son,

What was not my surprise this morning to see the results of the survey by Léger & Léger published in Le Devoir and The Gazette. The Coalition at 20%, the PQ and PLQ stable. Surely, there’s an error. I felt a bit like you who receives a bad outcome of test at school, although this does not happen very often. I thought to myself, this cannot be. Our team did a good job, especially in the last weeks with our involvement in several hot issues that we monitor (Financial credits, education, natural resources, transport, government contracts, child care, technology information contracts, etc.). I was even expecting a better note that of September 4. What a disappointment! But you know me…

The politicians around me told me, that it may be a mistake, a bad survey, or deficient sampling. That might also be because of the media space that takes the Liberals leadership race or the Congress National of Parti Québécois . Or perhaps, all or even any of these responses. I took a walk outside, in the cold, and it makes me feel good.

I especially think it is unfortunate that people do not see what actually happens in the Québec Parliament. Because it’s also somewhat like at school, even when you have done a lot of work, it has happened sometimes to have a less good result. However, unlike the school, our class rating may not exceed 100% and must be allocated between the parties. Because what is shocking in the results of the survey, is what we see every day in Quebec City that the state of the finances of the Government is in a dismal state, which clearly demonstrates that the Liberals have not done their job for 9 years and that, despite everything, they still have a passing mark in the opinion of the citizens. This may be because people think that a new leader will come delete everything that they have done wrong. It would be surprising and especially damaging for the future. If people knew just how they have been negligent in their management, they would surely not give the same note. The PQ, it seems to me that their result in this survey is much better than it deserves, but come from support of a core sovereignty that surely influence the note despite their many mistakes of the last few months and the lack of an economic vision to redress the situation

So what this survey mean? Lets accept the facts as they are and look forward. Lets roll up our sleeves and continue our quality work in the National Assembly. As you know, when you have a bad outcome, especially early in the year, you still have many tests before final report card and can recover.

I am sure also that more and more citizens will realize the severity of  critical situation that the Liberals have left us. Under the leadership of Mr. Legault, we will put our energies on the economy, good governance and the rehabilitation of public finances so that a majority of Quebecers can rally behind a true project of society and enjoy a more prosperous Québec. The majority of Quebec recognizes that the sovereignty is not the priority in the present circumstances. We must show the citizens that our party has a credible plan but especially that we are able to run it and this is what differentiates us from other parties. We need to show people that they can trust us and that also we need their support to succeed.

Have a good Sunday and be assured that I will continue with my usual energy so that you can one day we have a healthy Québec and that  you can fully realize your potential  here

Thank you for your support and your encouragement