The US Senate was created, and named, based on the idea of the Roman Senate, to include among the institutions a component of long-term wisdom, capable of considering the affairs of the State from the loftier point of view of the interests of the res publica. Which explains why its president is ex officio the Vice-President of the United States.

But it is also well known since Rome and the fall of the Republic that a senate is composed of men, « human, all too human », and that the collective interest of the republican ideal always ends up being submerged by interests particular, electoral or partisan.

Thus did the US Senate, this past week, scupper American democracy by blackballing even the mildest firearms control measures. Despite the fact that a vast majority of American citizens is now in favor of them, in the wake of repeated massacres, the latest of which is the Newtown school shooting. Including, it would seem, many ordinary members of the NRA. That NRA whose extreme positions, supported by a constant flow of money which can only be called dirty, not by reason of origin but destination, have led to this shameful disaster.

President Obama used the very same word, shameful. And the shame shall only be erased if American voters have sufficiently long-lasting memories, and hang onto their country’s ideal with the utmost determination, to dismiss the forty-three senators who’ve sold out to the NRA and other gun lobbies in all coming elections. Whichever their party!

David Simon_ logo2a-pngIf you haven’t done so yet, you must rush to read the post by David Simon on his blog for April 18, 2013 (and which was re-posted by The Guardian),
Dead children and monied politicians.

« A sane man’s contempt for the United States Senate must now be certain and complete. »

And also this reaction in The Onion, « Next Week’s School Shooting Victims Thank Senate.« 

This post is an English translation of my previous post « la mort de la démocracie américaine« .